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About Geetanjali

'Geetanjali' - The magic of dance with beauty

Canonized as the pride of ‘BRIJ’, Geetanjali is a renowned dancer who resides in ‘BRIJ’ and doesn’t need any formal introduction as such. In a very tender age Geetanjali has gained such repute that it is hard and virtually almost impossible to talk about the ‘MAYUR RASA’ or the ‘HOLI of BRIJ’ without mentioning her name.

The sparks of her talent in dance were seen right from her childhood when she started dancing during her school days. In the beginning stage of her career she performed without any formal training. She tried hard to add something new in her performances everyday and for this she very minutely studied every step concerning costumes, make up and jewellery etc. to make her performance powerful and alive.

Geetanjali has been able to establish her identity without any artistic family background. Her father, who wanted her daughter to become an IAS or a doctor, did not like her interest in dancing.

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