Geetanjali International Foundation

Geetanjali International Foundation

**Geetanjali International Foundation: Preserving Braj Culture and Commemorating Exceptional Achievements** In the heart of the culturally resonant region of Braj, a truly exceptional journey unfolds through the dynamic Geetanjali International Foundation, which was initially christened Geetanjali International Folk Tang in 2004 and this visionary establishment underwent a transformation and was renamed on November 8, 2021. Today, it stands as both a devoted guardian of cultural heritage and a shining celebrator of remarkable accomplishments. Seamlessly intertwining these dual roles, the Foundation's journey surpasses conventional boundaries, crafting an inspiring tale that echoes across time and societies.

At the heart of this remarkable journey stands Miss Geetanjali Sharma, a symbol of unwavering dedication to the preservation and propagation of Indian dance and music. Emerging from the prestigious Jaipur Gharana of Kathak, Geetanjali Sharma's artistic path reflects not just extraordinary talent but also an unyielding commitment to her cause. Her resolute determination transformed her passion into a mission, leading to the establishment of the Geetanjali International Foundation. This institution has grown into a dynamic vessel, carrying forward the esteemed cultural heritage of Braj.

The Foundation's mission surpasses conventional borders, fostering immersive encounters that bridge generations and epochs. Foremost among these is the esteemed Surdas Mahotsav, a cultural treasure that embodies music, dance, and deep intercultural exchange. This festival, a tribute to the revered poet Sant Surdas, serves as a meeting ground for both seasoned artists and emerging talents, culminating annually in a magnificent celebration of Indian classical music and dance. Here, the past and present seamlessly merge, intricately weaving the cultural fabric of the future.

Geetanjali Sharma's artistic influence extends globally, transcending geographical limits and resonating profoundly with audiences spanning continents. From historic stages in Khajuraho and Lucknow to international platforms in the UK, Mexico, China, and beyond, her artistry radiates a universal resonance. This worldwide presence highlights not only her virtuosity but also the Foundation's unwavering commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogues and celebrating our shared human heritage. The Geetanjali International Foundation serves as a nurturing sanctuary for budding talents, offering a platform for them to ascend to remarkable heights. Simultaneously, it propels established artists, creating an environment where dreams crystallize, skills refine, and passions evolve into vocations. Geetanjali Sharma's personal journey shines as a guiding light—overcoming societal norms and financial limitations. Her mentorship becomes an inspiration for emerging artists, emboldening them to overcome challenges and forge their artistic identities.

The journey of Geetanjali Sharma is adorned with a constellation of remarkable accomplishments that resonate globally. With an astonishing 1500 performances on international stages, she has garnered international recognition and deep respect. Her exceptional artistry has been honored through prestigious awards, including the esteemed Yash Bharti Samman from the Government of Uttar Pradesh, the revered Ustaad Bismillah Khan Award from Sangeet Natak Academy, and the distinguished National Youth Award. Her transcendent talent transcends cultural boundaries, eliciting blessings and praise from eminent leaders such as former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

One of the Foundation's crowning achievements is the Surdas Mahotsav, recently highlighted in an enlightening article by The Samikhsya. This event, a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary expression, encapsulates the core of Geetanjali International Foundation's dedication to cultural propagation. The Surdas Mahotsav offers a platform for artists to pay homage to the esteemed poet Sant Surdas while rejoicing in the rich tapestry of Indian classical music and dance. Beyond its cultural significance, the event sparks connections and dialogues, surpassing borders and fostering cultural unity.

With open arms, Geetanjali International Foundation warmly invites patrons, sponsors, and enthusiasts to engage in this transformative journey. Sponsorship opportunities not only uphold the arts but also contribute to preserving India's diverse and cherished heritage. By embracing Geetanjali International Foundation, you align with a legacy that passionately celebrates culture, empowers emerging talents, and catalyzes positive transformation within society. This journey transcends time, culture, and borders—a radiant source of hope, creativity, and cultural continuity.

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