Gift Performances

Gift Performances

Our performances are related with Lord Krishna and Radha, in this regard we try to present following type of performences in a kind of RAASLEELA ….


Its a Love bonding between krishna and Radha. when radha was missing krishna she was sitting very sad in her villa. then she decided to divert her mind and she went to a garden Mayur kuti) to see peacock dance. But lord Krishna wanted to tese Radha he hide all the peacocks from Mayur kuti cause of that radha was very upset and she started to cried then krishna change to himself into peacock and came to garden and dance with radha.


Holi is the festival of colours & it spreads a lots of love around. The holi of barsana is the world famous holi. So many people comes here to play & see this holi in barsana not only from india but also from other countries. Barsana is birth place of radha. Krishna and his friends come barsana from gokul to invite radha and her friends to play holi together. They ignore to them. But when Krishna gives challenge to them, then they accept of theit challenge. And play holi with them with colours, flowers and Bamboos (LATHAMAR). Gopies (girls) beat gwalas (boys) by bamboos and gwala protect hemselves with the help of dhaal.


The spectacular dance from Braj region of Uttar Pradesh - the land of Lord Krishna and his consort - Radha. Veiled women balancing large multi-tiered circular wooden pyramids on their heads, alight with 108 oil lamps, dance to the strains of 'rasiya' - songs of Lord Krishna. Charkula is especially performed on the third day after Holi - the day which Radha was born. According to legend, Radha's grandmother ran out of the house with the charkula on her head to announce the birth of Radha, Since then, Charkula has formed a popular dance form of Brajbhoomi, performed during various festivities.

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